about me

Hey, I'm Sebastian, born and raised in Berlin in 1994. Since my childhood, art has accompanied me everywhere - from children's drawings on paper it went to the first small canvases which became larger and larger.

Comics and graffiti exerted a significant influence on my style. Gradually, my own style developed, which can be seen in my current works. It is a mixture of pop art and modern abstract art.

Over time, I have switched from the canvas to digital artwork, because there are still more possibilities to give free rein to his creativity and to fill the artwork with life.

With my art I want to send the observer on a journey of discovery. It is not about just observing, but about interacting with the image and challenging creative thinking. Take your time, follow the interlocking lines and discover the smallest hidden details. 
But beware - sometimes you forget about the space and time around you. 



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